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Voxies: Behind The Latest Crypto Collectible

When I first came across Voxies it was clear that this was another step in the evolution of crypto collectibles. At least that’s the case if you view the evolution of collectibles as a sequence beginning with CryptoPunks and most recently ending with Chubbies and Pixls. Voxies seems like the next natural evolution.

Rather than 2D and bouncy, Voxies are 3D and bouncy! They also kind of resemble legos! In all seriousness though, they are super cute characters. When I saw the activity in the project’s Discord it was clear that other people agreed that Voxies has the look and feel of a successful crypto collectibles project.

So far, 450 Voxies have been sold. I know this because I purchased #450. After stumbling across the project I had to find out what inspired the creators of the project and learn more about their background. Below is my interview with Steve from Voxies!

What was your first entry into art?

Voxel art has always been where my passion lies. I have tried (and mostly failed) at some pixel art over the years, but realized that I tend to think in three dimensions. I find it hard to articulate my art style well enough in purely two. So when I first discovered voxel art many years ago, it was a lightbulb moment. I was able to capture the essence of my unique art style, without being constrained to 2d and pixel art.

How has your style evolved over time and how would you describe your style today?

My style today is mostly a combination of retro and ‘cute’ vibes and I try to stick with stuff that is on the medium detail scale regarding voxel art. I don’t try to make models too detailed like super high res voxel art, but at the same time we add more details than the average minecraft character or model.

Prior to selling your NFTs was your art your full-time job?

Actually I am a developer by trade and mostly try to stick to the coding side of things, so jumping into NFT was a bit of a gamble on the art side, but I knew we could succeed on the technical side and with the coding and smart contracts. Aside from working on the Voxies NFT project, I am a developer in my full time role, back-end and web based.

Were you previously involved in the cryptocurrency space? If so, how?

I’ve been in and out of the crypto space for the last 7+ years, but mostly as a trader and holder of various coins. I’ve enjoyed watching the rollercoaster of cryptocurrency over the past 10 years and I’ve always known that crypto would be big one day, just didn’t know 2020 and 2021 would be the breakout.

What prompted you to begin selling NFTs?

Mostly wanted to start a new and exciting project and NFT are all the rage at the moment, also we were super interested in the combination of cryptocurrency, art, coding and money… this seems like a win win combination if you ask us.

How are your sales going so far?

Decently so far, but no overnight success like similar projects. We attribute that to not having the best marketing or exposure, an area of the project that was always going to be a weakness. We have no experience with marketing and getting people to provide good exposure, so this is a constant up hill battle for us.

Have NFTs changed your plans for the future? If so, how?

For now we are solely concentrating on the Voxies launch and events to get the project off the ground. Once the project is further along and we have got some backing and funding behind us, then we will re-evaluate the future plans.

What do you think would improve your overall experience with NFTs?

I think right now NFT is at an interesting space. Mass adoption is either here right now or it is just around the corner and things are looking to explode big time. I think the biggest thing that could be improved right now is the public image of NFTs. Just recently there have been some bad press, so I think some education and explanation of the technical aspects would help this topic a lot.

Do you have any exciting upcoming NFT projects? If so, any that you care to share?

We have multiple phases planned for Voxies, so the initial sale and token allocation is just the start. After that we are planning a dynamic interactive website experience where owners can interact and play with their Voxies. After the initial phase, there will be a downloadable app that owners can enjoy. Finally, we are planning extensions to the Voxie token, like accessories or items that Voxies can play with and trade with other owners.

What’s the best way for people to check out your work online?

The main website or Twitter. People are welcome to join the Voxies discord community and our experience with our early backers and the community so far has been amazingly positive, so we are super grateful for that!

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