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Inside The Fantastical Worlds Of Victorior


In a world saturated with CryptoPunk derivatives, Victorior’s piece instantly stood out from the pack. “CryptoRobot Collection no.1 / Banana Tape x 4156” demonstrates his raw talent and drove me to reach out.

Kun Vic, who goes by Victorior, is based in Thailand and serves a global portfolio of clients in the animation and gaming world. Some of his pieces you may have seen in some of your favorite games.

While Victorior is great at character design, something I’ve been featuring a lot recently, it’s the worlds surrounding his characters that bring depth. Beautiful, funny, and fantastical, Victorior’s work is something you can imagine being crafted alongside Disney animators.

I’ll let him speak for himself though…

What was your first entry into art?

I love exploring imaginative worlds. I started in digital after graduation back in 2008 and have been doing digital painting since then. I was obsessed with improving my work to get a shot at working in the animation industry.

I started exploring things that people have never seen before such as “To The Waterfall” image. There is a giant turtle with a waterfall on its back, and a guy walking on clouds. Eventually, it received an award from CGSociety in 2010.

Soon after, I started working in commercial, games, and animation. In my spare time, I’m always sharpening my skills. While my personal projects are in a variety of styles, almost all are about animation pre-production work.

Then this year I found NFTs and it really changed the world of digital content and art. It is something I’m always dreaming about: that Digital art can achieve a similar value to Fine art. I thought that my personal character art would be a great place to start with and an area on which I can always improve. The first work I created for NFTs is “CryptoRobot” and the first one in the collection is “CryptoRobot Collection no.1 / Banana Tape x 4156”.

To The Waterfall
CryptoRobot Collection no.1 / Banana Tape x 4156

How has your style evolved over time and how would you describe your style today?

As I work for the animation industry and also do character design for commercial and mobile games, I’m always adjusting my style to match with each project and each studio. Some of these studios include Illumination, Laika, DreamworkTV, Sony – BaseFX and many more. Each one is different in their style.

Adjusting my style one job at a time inspired me to develop my own style. Personally, I have a style influenced by multiple cultures as I’m Thai and love western appealing styles. Ultimately, I mixed them together and made something new and more unique in term of style and media.

In my CryptoRobot project, I use the character to speak for the art. Characters can be art by itself. So for the moment, I categorize my work as “Character Art style”.

Prior to selling your NFTs was your art your full-time job?

I have my full-time job and I also have my own concept art studio base in Thailand. I managed my team to do the game design for MoonActive (one of the big and successful game studios based in Israel) and also I do freelance for Netflix animation after full – time job. So NFT is my weekend project currently but it full of passion and I really love it!!! I have a ton of ideas that I want to create and share to the world.

Were you previously involved in the cryptocurrency space? If so, how?

I just leaned about cryptocurrency in January of this year (2021). I’m so new and really love it!

Pitching With Hornet
Pitching With Hornet

What prompted you to begin selling NFTs?

I’ve been a digital artist for half of my life and I think it’s the dream of most digital artists to become fully independent. Initially, we all have to do work for hire but NFTs can make a difference. While I still love working with clients, the value and opportunities that NFTs present are immense.

How are your sales going so far?

I shared my work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I have around 120K followers on Facebook but it’s totally different from Twitter and Instagram. Most of the NFT world is on Instagram and Twitter so I have to work more to gain greater visibility on these channels. I was so lucky that my work got attention and it was auctioned on Foundation.

Have NFTs changed your plans for the future? If so, how?

Yes, I’ll be spending much more time doing art for myself. For now, I will use every weekend to create more art. I’ve also begun collecting some art too. Rather than just create I’ve started to think about how to invest with art too. This is so new to me.

Do you have any exciting upcoming NFT projects? If so, any that you care to share?

I’m developing the CryptoRobot project for now. It has been a personal project since 2008. At that time I called it “UFO team”. The concept is that a UFO came to help the world appearing as a very cute doll and had alien controls within it. The aliens came to Earth in order to save children from super sweet snacks by eating all your snacks!!

I’ve now revived the project as “CryptoRobot” and while the concept is similar this collection will mainly focus on this generation of media, NFT, Art, Social and technology. This project leverages my fine art skills (as I studied in college), digital art skills, and character design skills.

There are a lot more to come and I hope everybody will enjoy seeing them!

What’s the best way for people to check out your work online?

They can check out my website!

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