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Wait, TRON Is Back With NFTs?!

Tron Smoke & Mirrors

When TRON first came out it was hard to take the project seriously. Aside from a founder who was essentially crowned by Jack Ma, the project’s ambition was not clear. It also came about at a time when literally everybody was launching another cryptocurrency with incredibly abstract messaging.

Every pitch started with “By leveraging blockchain technologies we will…..”. BAM! Your eyes would glaze over from boredom as everything else sounded like complete gibberish.

Very little was heard about the project for years until Justin Sun returned to relevance by placing the second highest bid on the infamous Beeple project.

Using his typical fast follow strategy, suddenly TRON is becoming an NFT platform! As I mentioned two days ago, every blockchain platform is rushing to become the NFT-platform of choice. For TRON that was done with a live Clubhouse announcement with Lindsay Lohan and former T-Mobile CEO, John Legere.

There’s just one problem though: it’s not clear that an NFT platform even exists for TRON. For now it’s all hype and showmanship which fuels ongoing skepticism of the entire space. Hence why I have a cynical view of Justin Sun.

Thanks to the help of Lohan and Sun’s Beeple bid, TRON is now the 23rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It has nearly tripled in value since January. While I’ll reserve my assessment of the TRON platform since Sun claims it essentially fee-less, there’s nothing to look at other than smoke and mirrors at the moment.