Pure Chaos As Topps Drops MLB NFTs

Last week, Topps dropped a batch of NFTs which sold out in 70 minutes. Unfortunately, things did not run smoothly. People were complaining about the site going down, credit card transactions for purchases that did not process, and more.

The vocal NFT collector, Pranks, posted an entire thread documenting the process. As people rushed into the WAX discord to complain, the moderators failed to learn from other communities by banning vocal critics, Pranksy included.

Since then, refunds have been issued to people, Pranksy has been granted access back to the discord, and all is right in the world. Outside of the initial speed bumps, people appear pleased with the packs. The cards definitely look similar to traditional Topps trading cards.

While there are a lot of block chains and platforms competing to become the leader in the NFT world, WAX happens to have closed some significant partnerships, including Topps. That said, the experience is still rough around the edges and requires users to purchase WAX cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in learning more about this latest drop, check out Pranksy’s thread on Twitter.