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Today In NFTs – Mar 22, 2021

March 22 NFT Daily

Husband/Wife Duo Sell $3.3mm Worth Of NFTs

The anonymous husband and wife duo originally behind Black and White Punks, has nearly sold out all 10,000 of their new project, Chubbies. They are programmatically generated and leverage the 8-bit style many popular NFTs are leveraging but animated.

Chubbies Gif
Chubbies Animated NFTs

Patrick Mahomes outshines Gronk with $3.7mm NFT haul

Patrick Mahomes who quickly followed Gronk’s entry into NFTs managed to outshine the tight-end with a $3.7 million NFT haul. The work, which was posted on Makersplace, managed to sell a 1-of-1 for nearly $247,000.

Some Bitcoin Investors Shocked Price Doesn’t Just Go Up

In their continued periodic price-forecasting content, Coin Telegraph suggested that it may “take some time” before Bitcoin surges to new highs. They had written that the cryptocurrency was disappointingly “facing resistance” only days earlier. Apparently jumping $10k in value in a few weeks is not enough. It’s understandable that a straight-line to infinity is desirable for investors. If they’re interested in that sort of direction, may I suggest speculating on some NFT art…

Photographer Andy Day is mad he didn’t get into NFTs sooner

During an emotionally charged venting session, photographer Andy Day lashed out at the NFT space calling it “pyramid scheme“. The only valid part of his argument is the fact that countless people are investing a lot of money minting NFTs that never sell. That’s one of the known problems with Ethereum-powered NFTs at the moment.

Ultimately that will inevitably be solved but everybody is purchasing $75 lotto tickets to join the party. However it’s not primarily the NFT markets making money, it’s the miners who are facilitating the ETH transactions. This friction will inevitably be resolved and Andy Day will be left trying to sell his work IRL.

Elon Musk Trolls the NFT Space

After listing an NFT which was bid up to over $1.5 million before withdrawing it, Elon Musk decided to take things further by talking smack. In a tweet posted just before the weekend, Musk made a joke about the guy in a corner of a party who owns NFTs. I think Musk may just be a little sour since he has to work 36 hours a day in order to make a living.

Musk Trolls NFTs

Top NFT Sales Of The Day

In a phenomenal trade, Twitter user VonMises14 sold his 1 of 1 piece, “Hope” on SuperRare for $450,000. He had commissioned the artist, XCOPYART, less than one year ago for $3300. Now it’s suddenly worth 136 times as much. As usual, CryptoPunks and Lebron’s dunk were two of the highest paid transactions yesterday as well.

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