The Rise Of Digital Native Art Galleries

I’ll be the first to admit a lack of in depth understanding of gallery economics but I know one thing for certain: the system is not advantaged toward the artists. Talented young creatives are frequently exploited within the industry.

Simultaneously, a generation defined by digital culture has found that the old stodgy world of art collection does not reflect their views. It’s this exact dynamic which is giving rise to NFTs and alongside them, digitally native galleries.

Outside of Second Life, which served for me as one giant interactive virtual art installation, I am no expert on the matter. That’s why I was excited to speak once again with Claire Silver and her co-founder Ben Roy about the launch of their new digital art gallery, Accelerate Art.

In this special edition of the NFT Nick show (embedded below), we discussed their new CryptoVoxels-based art gallery and the future of art. I consider myself a student of this emerging industry and found my conversation with Claire and Ben to be illuminating.

There is increased interest in this space as just last night I posted about a virtual house being sold for $500,000. Whether you believe that virtual worlds are the way of the future, conversations with those who have a stake in the game is the only path toward understanding.

If you want to learn more about Accelerate Art you can check out their recently published whitepaper. You can also connect with Claire and Ben on Twitter.