SuperNfty: PHD Student Turned Cute Crypto Collectible Creator

With the surge of crypto collectibles saturating the NFT market, it’s hard to select a good one to get involved with. The most telling signs are limited to the quality of production, who the collectors are, and how active their discord is.

However the single most significant indicator is the behavior of the collectible creator days, weeks, and months after launch. SuperNfty has basically all of these things going for it at the moment. That’s why I reached out to see if the full-time PHD student turned crypto collectible creator would be open to an interview.

What was your first entry into art?

I’ve been drawing all my life. I had my start at like 7 years old with one of those ‘how to draw anime’-books and I’ve been making art every day since, developing my own style.

How has your style evolved over time and how would you describe your style today?

I started to really get into pop surrealism, designer toys and hiphop culture through Youtube and Instagram. I think the love for designer toys comes from loving to collect things like marbles, Pokémon cards and Flippo’s when I was a kid.

When I learned about NFT’s I had already been looking into making 3D printed designer toys as some kind of side gig. My style is heavily inspired by artists like Ten Hundred, Gawx, Theodoru, Sanktoys, Kaws, Sean Keeton and Joe Ledbetter.

Alien Nfty

Prior to selling your NFTs was your art your full-time job?

No, it wasn’t and still isn’t. I’m a Ph.D. student living a double life. Right now I’m in the second year of my Ph.D. and I have two years to go. And while I’m planning to be a full-time artist after that (there’s nothing I want more), I also want to prove to myself that I can get that doctorate. After all Dr. SuperNfty would sound pretty cool, no?

Were you previously involved in the cryptocurrency space? If so, how?

I started hodling like €300 Ethereum in 2017, after my girlfriend introduced me to it. Been interested ever since and always wanting to invest more but I couldn’t afford it until now.

What prompted you to begin selling NFTs?

I’m pretty sure I saw a Fewocious interview in February. Looking into it, I completely fell in love with the idea behind decentralizing the art world as a whole. Everyone can partake, giving artists like me the opportunity to pursue art more! This solves a big problem for digital artists whose works were basically worthless before this because everyone could just download and copy them infinitely. As a digital artist myself, it feels like I am destined to do this.

How are your sales going so far?

It’s been crazy. In the beginning I had no real price strategy, but in my first week I sold two Floating Heads for 1 ETH. This is when I realized my life had changed forever.

Very soon we had a small community on Discord with whom I’d go on to discuss the future of the collection. I still do that every step of the way, an NFT collector is a kind of stakeholder after all. My early collectors knew way more about pricing and got me into contact with some influential Cryptopunk owners, who were all incredibly helpful and supportive. I have nothing but love for the NFT community, everyone is super nice.

Since then I’ve been dropping 6 to 9 heads every week and they’ve been selling out every week since March. We’re at 139/264 Floating Heads, 85 unique owners, secondary market sales every week and an average price of 0.27 ETH. I have a huge smile on my face just typing that out, lol.

Off the top of my head, some famous people who’ve collected Floating Heads include: SillyTuna, thebeautyandthepunk, TSF, JO7 and DxnnyUkxs. I’m sure I’m missing some… :S

SuperNfty Genesis

Have NFTs changed your plans for the future? If so, how?

Yes! SuperNfty is here to stay. While I want to finish my Ph.D., I’m definitely going to try to do art fulltime after that. This has been the most fulfilling three months of my life. I can’t go back!

What do you think would improve your overall experience with NFTs?

Finding blockchain developers! I’ve got some awesome ideas for the future of SuperNfty, but I need people who can write smart contracts! Sadly every single dev is (understandably) super busy right now.

Do you have any exciting upcoming NFT projects? If so, any that you care to share?

The Floating Heads project has barely started and will realistically only finish around October.

We’re only halfway right now and we just launched the SuperNfty 2.0: unlockables update.

You can read about it on the website (and watch the trailer!) and on Twitter. I’ve got lots of plans both for the Floating Heads and for future projects.

What’s the best way for people to check out your work online?

You can check out the website (, purchase one of The Floating Heads on Opensea, join the Discord, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram! The community is very active and friendly!

Anything else?

Thank you for taking an interest in me! I’m a huge fan of the podcast. Lastly, I can’t thank the SuperNfty community and the NFT community enough for the continued wholesomeness and support.