Spottie Wifi: The Official Cryptopunk Rapper

Most Cryptopunk collectors buy their punk, put it as their profile photo, and leave it at that. However one individual decided to convert their punk into a full blown rapper identity. Spottie Wifi is officially the first and only rapping Cryptopunk.

Fresh from a 4/20 Avastars Discord rap battle, Spottie joined me for a conversation to discuss Spottie’s origin story as well as his team’s story. That team has a background in music, marketing, and ad tech. Unfortunately for his team their entry into crypto was quite rough.

They bought in the previous crypto bull run when bitcoin was around $16k and then suffered through the down turn. Thanks to their conviction and continued investment things turned around.

First “discovered” by his management team two months ago, Spottie is among the rare group of those with spots on their face. While that usually is viewed as a negative attribute, the Spottie team decided to turn that weakness into a strength.

Rather than sharing everything we discussed, check out my conversation with Spottie below which includes a sample of his soon to be hit song.