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SillyTuna: From Game Developer To Game Incubator

Sillytuna Interview

One of the first Ethereum investors, SillyTuna, has gone from being a game developer to running his own app incubator. While he happened to acquire a Cryptopunk early, it’s more so his technical understanding of the blockchain space which has made him an effective navigator.

In addition to discussing his acquisition of an Alien punk right as the $69 million Beeple sale was about to close, we spent a lot of time discussing his perspectives on the future of this space. As somebody who frankly is still somewhat of a novice as it applies to Blockchain tech (something I think everybody always feels), it was refreshing to have somebody on who can help bring clarity to the current market.

He happens to be major fans of Polkadot, Dfinity, and Cosmos outside of Ethereum. He also provided a giant list of people who he follows for ongoing insight in the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Tune in to this episode to learn more about SillyTuna’s perspective on this growing industry.

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