RTFKT: From Gaming Skins To NFT Fashion Moguls

In 2018, Benito Pagotto was working in marketing at Fnatic, one of the largest European eSports teams. He wanted to make a skin for his Counterstrike team which is what brought him to Chris Le, one of the leading gaming skins designers. Eventually they partnered on a custom sneaker type for skins and it went absolutely viral.

Finally, when Benito’s Counterstrike team was headed to the finals, they connected with Zaptio who was running a successful sneaker company to create a pair of physical shoes. They started brainstorming ideas for things they could do together when they realized that NFTs were the perfect place for them.

They set up a social media account and things took off from there. Since the founding they’ve done some massive drops most recently including with Fewocious and Jeff Staple. It also seems as if every other week there’s another partnership announced. There was a recent Cryptopunks project as well as an upcoming one with the major NFT collector, 33.

The company has been catapulted to the front of the NFT market as leaders in digital fashion (a phrase which still sounds completely ludicrous). We discuss their past, their recent funding round, and the future future of digital fashion during my interview with the team. Check it out!