Rossi Meacham: OG NFT Collector

Having invested in cryptocurrency years ago, Rossi dove into the NFT space starting with Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties. While he debated investing in Bitcoin back in 2011, he instead decided to take a road trip. While he doesn’t regret that decision, like everybody he has been around long enough to have both deep regrets and great success.

As an engineer, he’s also looking to figure out the next big idea that he doubles down on. While he hasn’t yet made a decision on the path, he discussed one of the concepts during our conversation.

In some ways, listening to Rossi is similar to listening to some of the previous punk collectors I’ve had on the show. While new entrants are looking at the skyrocketing prices, many of the owners have no interest in parting ways with them. Instead, they are fully invested in the future of NFTs and have a deep connection to the community.

Rossi personifies the true NFT believer and is a major contributor to the community, not just via collecting but through participation in conversations on Clubhouse and Twitter. Check out my interview with Rossi below.