The Nifty #7: Going live with the million dollar invisible NFT

Happy Monday :)

This is my first end of day email ever but I figured I’d send it before a live Clubhouse I’m hosting with the creator of the invisible million dollar NFT I shared with you last week. Would love to have you join!

FUD & Lawsuits

As you are likely aware, Elon Musk crashed the crypto markets over the weekend. However the crypto markets are used to volatility so I’m not quite ready to say that the crypto game is up quite yet.

However there was additional bad news this time for Dapper Labs who is now the subject of a lawsuit alleging that their NBA Top Shot NFTs are unregistered securities. Whether or not the lawsuit has legs, the outcome of this case will be significant for the overall NFT market, not just Dapper Labs.

Live shows this week

This week is a huge one as I have a slew of awesome guests coming on.

  • Today - Mitchell Chan
  • Tuesday - PplPleasr
  • Wednesday - Alex Ness, a rockstar artist. Earlier in the day I’ll be speaking with Jimmy McNelis, the
  • Thursday - Gary Vaynerchuk

New episodes published

I also published an episode with the founders of RTFKT, the leading digital fashion brand. There was a new one I published today with The King Of Midtown, who’s an NFT collector. That conversation was completely bonkers as he was taking shots at Snoop Dogg at the beginning. Pretty hilarious.

Anyways, that’s all I have for today but if you have a few minutes, hop on in to my conversation with Mitchell!

Have a great rest of your Monday!