The Nifty #5: The Million Dollar Invisible NFTs

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Invisible NFTs

Last night I posted about an NFT project that few know about but is worth $1 million. Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility sounds like the most ridiculous project ever and for the most part that’s because it is.

It’s inspired by a 1950s piece produced by Parisian artist Yves Klein. Klein, who’s known for producing artwork in a single shade of blue, announced a grand opening of a new gallery. Art fans flocked to the opening, waited in line, and then once inside were treated to the exhibition which contained exactly nothing.

I won’t spoil the rest of the story…

However as the third NFT project ever created, it’s worth reading about if you’re interested in the history of NFTs. It’s also well worth a read if you have any interest in buying one as a few are still available (albeit for more than $12,000 at the moment).

Read about the invisible NFTs here.

New Interview Live

Earlier today I published my interview with Straybits, the original collector of some of the most rare CryptoPunks. Had he held on to his portfolio it would be worth more than $60 million today. Instead he released it for thousands but wound up opening up the entire Cryptopunk market which gave rise to the craziness that exists today.

I highly recommend checking it out!

Upcoming Week

I have two podcast recordings scheduled for this week but likely will wind up with more. I’ll also be publishing at least 3 episodes with a wide range of guests. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)