The Nifty #4: The $700k Meebit Heist...

Happy Saturday!

A Meebit Is Stolen 😱

This morning was an exciting one as a hacker managed to steal a rare Meebit. After waking up I loaded Twitter and saw a conversation beginning about the heist. I jumped into the Meebits discord where the theft was still underway and followed along.

I wrote up an article that breaks down how this occurred. The hacker in this case wound up with over $150,000 in Ethereum and 5 Cryptopunks which he still holds.

A Clubhouse Double-Header

Apparently I thought it a good idea to shoot my Saturday in the foot and schedule two back-to-back podcast interviews live on Clubhouse.

In less than 30 minutes I’ll start things off with an NFT artist who recently sold her 2nd NFT for $20k to learn her approach to building community. That will be followed by an anonymous Cryptopunk collector who has a unique story of her own.

If you check out The Nifty community on Clubhouse, both events are posted on the page.

Two New Episodes

On Thursday I published an interview with Bryan Brinkman a former NBC animator (SNL & Jimmy Fallon). Bryan is remarkably talented and also one of the most humble people I’ve spoken to so far. I highly recommend checking out the episode.

Later today I’ll be publishing my interview with Straybits who happened to be one of the original Cryptopunk collectors that was able to pick up some of the most rare ones.

Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll see you soon :)