The Nifty #3: GaryVee's $50MM+ NFT?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

While I still have no idea the ideal structure of this email newsletter, I wanted to share with you the latest in NFT land.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT Project (Likely) Launches Today

Gary Vaynerchuk, who I’m having as a guest on the podcast on May 20th, is preparing to launch his NFT. If you aren’t familiar with Gary, he went from growing his parents’ wine business to $30mm+, to investing in some of the hottest startups (like Uber and Facebook), to growing a massive online following, to growing a 9-figure media agency.

Now he’s launching his official NFT project called VeeFriends. It’s expected to open up today but he keeps tweeting about delays.

While I will not be purchasing one, the concept is quite interesting. He’s selling doodles (which are frankly a joke art wise but what is art anyways, I guess?) which grant holders access to various benefits. The most expensive ones let you play tennis with him, have a 1-on-1, and more. All of the NFTs grant you access to an annual conference.

While you could call it a money grab, this is the first time NFTs have been used to sell conference tickets at such a significant scale. If the tickets go for even 1ETH (~$3200), he’s going to sell over $32 million. His discord for the project is insanely active and the people posting in it sound like they are willing to hand over their life savings to Gary.

I’m sitting this one out but it’s an interesting project!

Racist Meebits?

As I wrote yesterday, purchasing a Meebit was quite the experience. It also cost me a significant chunk of change in the short-term but I figured it’s worth having “skin in the game” as Nassim Taleb says.

However what stood out most was how all the cheapest Meebits on OpenSea were mostly black and female. While you can debate the cause, I wrote a post outlining the details and it seemed to resonate with people on Twitter. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion!

Conversation With A Collector

Last night I spoke with the founders behind RTFKT, the wildly popular digital fashion company. They’ve sold millions in virtual jeans and shoes that have no physical counterpart. It was quite the conversation and also pretty hilarious to observe the dynamics between the founders “who have no titles”.

Tonight, I’m having a large NFT Collector on the show to discuss his NFT habit and his ambitions for multiple galleries around the world filled with NFTs / digital artwork. While a lot of the creators I’ve spoken to are also collectors, very few are strictly operating on the collector side of things.

Should be interesting to hear his perspective given his significant investments in the space!

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