The Nifty #2: Meebits sell out $75mm in 6 hours

Happy Tuesday!

I’m still working out the logistics of this newsletter but wanted to fill you in on a few things.

Meebits Sell Out

Yesterday the new Cryptopunks/Larvalabs project went live and sold out in 6 hours. You were aware of that project thanks to my email right before the launch!

I tweeted soon after the launch that the most significant opportunity was to monitor OpenSea and pick up the Meebits that were selling below market value. That turned out to be great advice as I had multiple friends share with me the deals they picked up. For many of them they’ll end up with $10k+ in profits just from monitoring the market.

I on the other hand did not take my own advice, spun the roulette wheel by minting one myself and ended up with one of the least rare Meebits in existence! I’m now in the midst of trying to trade my way up so let me know if you know anybody who’s in the market ;)

New Interview Published

I have been on a tear with the podcast. I have 17 recorded and 5 more scheduled in the next week. There are also some big names coming on the show in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that.

Today I published my interview with Snowfro, the founder of Art Blocks. While most of the episodes are must listen, this one was particularly insightful. Art Blocks is at the center of the generative art movement and with a fresh round of funding they are aiming to expand beyond an Ethereum exclusive marketplace.

Live Interview Tonight

Finally, I’ll be interviewing the team behind RTFKT (pronounced “Artifact”) tonight live on Clubhouse at 8pm eastern. RTFKT is likely best known for selling thousand dollar digital shoes. They have begun issuing physical shoes as well and have been striking partnerships with significant influencers in the NFT world.

They have yet to request a partnership with The Nifty though…

That’s all for today! Have a great Tuesday!