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Nick Kneuper: The NFT Speculator

NFT Nick - Nick Kneuper

While many have been shocked at the skyrocketing prices of various NFTs, there’s a group of individuals who have been profiting off the volatility of this asset class. Nick Kneuper is one of those individuals.

The tales of artists getting rich are always fun and frankly, they are often heart warming. However what happens when you are just looking for some alpha? You want the inside scoop on the next artist who seems likely to breakout? That’s what the world of NFT speculation is all about and Nick has been absolutely crushing it.

I’ve had a number of people on the show to discuss their big bets and tales of winning and losing big. For now, everybody appears to be winning as we are in a massive bull market. Well, the NFT market has been on a down swing as of late (aside from Cryptopunks) but the bust appears to be temporary.

After hearing about Nick’s crazy tales I had to bring him on the show so others could enjoy them as much as I have. So here it is: inside the mind of an NFT speculator.

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