NFT Market Update - April 28th, 2022

Data from @punk9059 shows BAYC, Azuki, CloneX, Doodles and Moonbirds continue to outperform all other projects and drive gains across the markets.

Imaginary Ones faced intense fud after the community found their wallet addresses in the 75-page Squigglies rug document.

Marketplace X.XYZ is the first NFT platform to let users list or make offers on any Ethereum NFT in $APE.

Four-digit ENS domains took Twitter by storm, selling out in ~6 hours and trading at a floor of ca. 0.25e. Here is a thread explaining the reasons behind the current trend.

Optimism, the second-largest EVM-compatible L2 chain, announced its first token airdrop. Users can check their eligibility criteria here.