NFT Market Update 3rd May 2023

Pudgy Penguins reveals Workbench, an interactive website which will reveal their upcoming plans via hidden clues.

The creators of Goblin Town were revealed to be behind the viral BiG iNC website, where the less profitable the trader, the higher they rank. The top 1000 can mint a free acceptance letter, with the rest of the supply granted to various Truth Labs NFT ownership combinations.

Sports Illustrated Tickets partners with ConsenSys to launch Box Office, a blockchain-powered event management and ticketing solution offering up to 50% lower pricing than competitors and enabling hosts and performers to earn a share of resale revenues.

US Representatives introduce a bipartisan bill to ban Congress members from trading and owning stocks.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticizes CBDC’s, suggesting opponents aim to control crypto and impose “Environment, Social, and Governance” policies, while defending individual choice to invest in cryptocurrency.