NFT Market Update 31st January 2023

NFT marketplace Sudoswap airdropped and launched its governance token, $SUDO.

Sorare signed a four-year partnership with the English Premier League to license official player cards for their fantasy soccer game.

An NFT-funded film, Calladita, has won the top prize at the Sundance film festival.

Cryptopunks tweeted that “The Punks Legacy Project will announce a new donation to a major institutional collection soon,” however, they failed to specify which Cryptopunk and which institution will be involved.

Solana News

Popular recent mint, BONKz revealed their artwork resulting in a 50% pullback on floor price.

Cets on Creck’s ‘enlightenment’ experienced an initial surge of 20%, but ultimately returned to its floor price by the end of the day.

Okay Bears creator Kais and influencer Nate Rivers disputed the multi-chain move of the project, with Kais claiming that Rivers lacked “no context or insight.”