NFT Market Update 2nd May 2023

Blur announces Blend: a peer-to-peer perpetual NFT lending protocol that offers market-determined interest rates, no oracle dependencies, and a “buy now, pay later” feature starting with Cryptopunks, Azuki, and Milady Makers.

Goblin Town teased another free mint titled “Chapter 64” as the 1 year anniversary of their infamous collection approaches - but this time, available “only for the worthy”.

Jack Butcher’s Opepen opt-in mechanism for Sets 001 and 002 has begun, with holders able to opt-in via a gasless transaction for a chance at an edition in the set. Sets will be released in sets of 80, with 200 sets released over time.

RTFKT’s Season 1 apparel has begun shipping, and more batches will be shipped out over the next few weeks.