NFT Market Update 25th January 2023

Artblocks formed a partnership with Bright Moments (@Bbrtmoments) to release a series on Art Blocks, featuring “Bright Moment’s iconic minting experiences.”

NFT marketplace Fractal, built by former Twitch co-founder Justin Kan is set to launch on Polygon.

Doodles co-founder, Poopie, faced backlash on Twitter after he clarified, “OG Doodles won’t give you early access into Doodles 2, early access can ONLY be gained through the use of a Dooplicator or Genesis Box.”

Vitalik Buterin divulged the ‘largest remaining challenge’ for Ethereum is ‘stealth addresses’, which could potentially be solved using stealth meta-addresses which would protect transaction privacy.

Solana News

CEO of 3D collection, Claynosaurz, introduced himself via Twitter declaring he’s launched a hedge fund and helped clients deploy over $500 million across emerging markets.