NFT Market Update 23rd January 2023

Punk6529 responded to the recent meteroic price rise in meme cards sharing, “expect some higher edition counts in SZN2 that can provide accesible entry points, like we did in SZN1.”

Collector @lev2986 shared on Twitter how he bought seven early 1/1 pieces by @XCOPYART in 2019 and explained why he never took profits despite the collection being worth several millions.

BendDAO, an NFT liquidity protocol that supports instant NFT-backed loans saw an all-time high in both mutant ape yacht club NFTs and Doodles.

Collector, @P_Azuro, dropped his first edition of 1000 AI pieces and raffled Fidenza #89 to a lucky buyer of the collection.

Solana News

NFT Automated Market Maker, Hadeswap, dropped their anticipated $HADES token, however, some unfortunate and eager buyers ended up overpaying at $75K USDC per token.