NFT Market Update 1st May 2023

With its Season 2 bidding and listing rewards being cut in half today, Blur teased a May 1st announcement that will “shake things up”.

After its floor price mysteriously increased nearly 200% in less than a week, the Wonderpals floor price dropped from 0.3 to sub- 0.15 ETH after a whale dumped over 800 to Blur bids.

Memeland announces raiding, allowing Captainz holders to seize maps from other participating Captainz - and updating the win/loss odds after negative initial feedback.

Michael Figge, the Yuga Labs Chief Creative Office and the artist behind the Twelvefold collection, shared that the Yuga Labs Ordinals art has received an update in its resolution, and collectors will receive a free 1.2m x 1.2m framed print.