NFT Market Update 18th January 2023

BAYC pushed their Sewer Pass claim to January 18th after running into “some unexpected bumps”, claim period will stay open until February 8th.

Cannon, the digital imaging and camera company has filed for trademarks related to NFTs, leading to speculation that they may launch their own NFT marketplace.

The Memes by 6529 continued to see high volume with 165 sales in the past 24 hours, the cost to own a full Meme Cards set is now ca. 85 ETH.

Solana News

IcedKnife PFP burner, LtLollipop, incinerated his own Solana Monkey Business PFP in protest of the teams developers.

Hyped mint, Taiyo Pilots, announced an art delay due to poor feedback from several artists in the community.