NFT Market Update 23rd December 2022

Twitter rolled out ‘View Count’ feature that shows how many people viewed your tweets, similar to features on YouTube that show how many times a video has been viewed.

Otherside teased a new one-minute trailer video, ‘The Otherside is Waking Up’ and announced Second Trip is coming late March 2023.

10ktf also released a new short-trailer, ‘Last Summer’ set on Otherside land and featured a disguised Wagmi-San.

Cool Cats revealed their 2023 plans with a renewed focus on Blue Cat and gaming partnerships with Animoca Brands.

Solana News

The leading fine art marketplace, Exchange Art, revealed they are now a validator allowing artists and collectors to stake and earn rewards on the platform.

Largest automated market maker, Hadeswap, officially released their token whitepaper which includes plans for 30,000 new Hades NFTs only available through auction by spending $HADES.