NFT Market Update 19th December 2022

The Chimpers team introduced Timpers Pixelworks, a new collection offering staked Chimpers the opportunity to win exclusive 1/1 artworks and editions by artist @TimpersHD. The collection continues to hold well above 1eth floor following news of a partnership with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Bored Ape holders continue to be targeted by scammers after a victim lost thirteen apes. The holder signed a transaction on a website after they thought they were finalizing a legitimate licencing deal.

Over the weekend Twitter Support announced they will no longer support links to other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon, Linktree etc. Following uproar on Twitter, Twitter Support deleted the tweet and the policy from its website.

Donald Trump digital trading cards gained wider attention after they were the subject of satire on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Comedian James Austin Johnson mimicked the former president’s announcement which resulted in the collection’s price seeing new all-time-highs.

Solana News

Solana Defi exchange, Raydium, suffered a malicious attack compromising eight liquidity pools resulting in $4.4 million of stolen funds.