NFT Market Update 16th December 2022

Former U.S. President Donald Trump raised almost $4.5 million after he sold out his 45,000 digital trading card collection. Minting the collection gave purchasers a chance to enter into sweepstakes and included various prizes like access to his golf courses, gala dinner, and one-on-one meetings.

Artist XCopy and Kevin Rose announced custom backgrounds for the Moonbirds community. Holders are entitled to claim different backgrounds dependent on whether they hold Max Pain or Proof Pass.

Solana News

The first ever Solana gaming NFT, Aurory Project, finally released its alpha game one year later than expected. A browser-based game, free to play, and players do not require a Solana wallet.

Solana marketplace aggregator, Hyperspace partnered with twelve emerging artists to launch free daily mints starting Monday, 19th December. The collection is expected to utilize Cardinal Labs’ royalty enforcement program, which is at the centre of controversy after Magic Eden reportedly repackaged Cardinal’s royalty solution as their own.