NFT Market Update 15th December 2022

DigiDaigaku founder Gabriel Leydon announced community royalties are coming in January 2023. Both creator and previous collectors will receive royalties which are enforced on-chain via smart contracts. Leydon tweeted, “just imagine getting a FREE NFT with baked in community royalties for the owners of the NFT, the whole space is going to change overnight.”

Crypto on-ramping will soon be easier after MetaMask announced they are working with Paypal to offer easy ways to buy crypto. Users will be able to buy and transfer ether from PayPal to MetaMask.

Solana News

Renowned NFT artist, Beeple, has had one of his Ethereum artworks fractionalized into 1000 pieces on Solana. The leaders behind “50 Punks of Solana”, who “worm-holed” three punks from Ethereum to Solana, are adamant about sending Beeple his 10% royalties by requesting his SOL address. It is unknown whether the artist will respond or if he even has a SOL address.

Leading Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden, released a tiered rewards program. Traders are challenged with the goal of achieving level 5 rewards which unlock a 45% discount on platform fees.

The third largest Solana project, y00ts, has enhanced the NounsDAO concept on Solana by re-branding Sub-Dao’s into “Clubs”. The team will release features for Clubs to transition into businesses, allow clubs to change traits, implement DeGod hackathons for “funding the coolest clubs”, plus much more.