NFT Market Update 9th December 2022

Artblocks founder, Snowfro and artist Dmitri Cherniak weighed in on OpenSea’s stance on royalties. Cherniak tweeted, “it seems like the monopoly of OpenSea is about to be over, as internally they cling on to the insane idea they are “protecting” creators by forcing them to block their competitors.”

Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT received a donation of 100 ETH ($123,000) from NounsDAO after a proposal was passed to fund their investigative journalism. The proposal wrote, “@ZachXBT is a public good serving the crypto ecosystem through tireless research exposing countless scams. Recent events have highlighted the dire need and importance of such work.”

Solana News

@HGESOL, founder of Solana NFT project @ABC and automated market maker Hadeswap fractionalized CryptoPunk #7148 with full IP rights into 1000 editions. The first fifty editions were “worm-holed” from Ethereum to Solana and sold for 6 SOL per edition; since then the price has more than doubled with over 25k volume traded.

American toy retailer Toys “R” Us has partnered with creative agency and NFT project Anybodies to mint on Magic Eden’s launchpad. The collection size is 10k, and the roadmap includes a new Toys R Us trading marketplace, limited edition toys, tokens, and more.