NFT Market Update 8th December 2022

2x-Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki and renowed DJ 3LAU have formed a new music group, @itsthepunx, inspired by their cryptopunks. The duo stated “the sound of @itsthepunx will be different from either of our current sounds and will build off “music we love and the music that shaped who we are today.”

The New York Times reported Federal prosecutors are investigating Sam Bankman-Fried over possible market manipulation of TerraUSD and Luna and whether Bankman-Fried influenced prices of the digital assets to benefit FTX and Alameda Research.

Decentraland announced a new feature which will allow land owners to rent out their property to other users on the platform and earn passive income in the form rent. All transactions will be paid upfront with MANA (DCL’s native token) and land can not be sold while rented out.

Solana News

DeGods founder, Frank, challenged Hyperspace to support creator royalties by calling out their aggregation of 0% royalty marketplaces. The two parties subsequently go back and forth debating marketplace decisions.

Dust Labs released “NFT Blue” interface allowing Solana NFT buyers to check how much in royalties they’ve paid to creators.

Solana NFT marketplace, Tensor, will support Metaplex’s contract level royalty enforcement in their aggregator + AMM (automated market maker).

Solana co-founder, Raj Gokal, chimed in on the Polygon vs Solana discussion stating “real communities can’t be bought”. The heated debate further ignites overnight with notable Solana influencers such as Solana Legend and Sol Big Brain sharing their thoughts.