NFT Market Update 6th December 2022

Coindesk presented most influential crypto figures of 2022 and launched 14 NFTs by notable artists to honor those who made the top of the list including Sarah Script, Dave Krugman, Bryan Brinkman, and Adamtastic.

Horizen Labs notified the community that pre-commitment period to stake $APE is live with rewards starting from December 12th. ApeCoin holders outside of the United States can stake, however, U.S. holders remain geo-blocked from the site.

Goldman Sachs is looking to invest millions to purchase or invest in crypto firms while the prices are low. An executive at Goldman Sachs, reportedly said that big banks are seeing opportunities in the space as the FTX collapse highlighted a need for more regulation within the industry.

Magic Eden announced that it will launch a “Trending Announcements” section on its homepage for creators to share project updates