NFT Market Update 25th November 2022

Bored Ape Yacht Club teased ‘Trial of Jimmy The Monkey’ starting on December 25th.

Macy’s ran the first ever virtual Thanksgiving parade featuring web3 partners Cool Cats, GMoney, Veefriends, Supducks, and Boss Beauties. As part of the event the partner that generates the most votes will see their NFT as a real-life balloon at next year’s parade in New York.

The new update from ConsenSys API tool has sparked controversy in the crypto community. MetaMask will start collecting users’ IP and Ethereum wallet addresses whenever a transaction is executed.

Solana News

Metaplex has announced a redefinition of NFTs which will see a new asset class with enabled royalty enforcement and creator configuration. The timing of the release is currently determined for early next year.

Conjecture amongst Solana community arises due to Claynosaurz allowlist allocations to certain DAOs. The upcoming mint is expected to arrive November 26.

Prominent Solana NFT influencer, Iced Knife, had his iconic Solana Monkey Business purchased for 2,069.42 SOL and subsequently burned.

GigaDAO announced the launch of GigaDEX into the Solana NFT ecosystem which includes a suite of services such as fractionalized NFTs, spot trading, margin trading and lending pools.