NFT Market Update 24th November 2022

Horizen Labs announced ApeCoin staking website goes live on 12/5, however, the site will not be available to holders in the US and Canada. Solutions being proposed by the community include use of a VPN, other front-end sites, or interacting with the contract.

Chimpers announced a partnership with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Paramount.

A new wallet spent 200ETH sweeping twenty-three Moonbrids taking the floor from 7.3ETH to 8.4ETH.

Solana News

Coral Cube has announced the launch of its own automated market maker (AMM) in partnership with 13 Solana NFT projects.

Hadeswap teased an upcoming announcement on November 30 on their Twitter page.

FreeCodeCamp has released 3 free courses for budding Solana developers to learn how to code on the blockchain.