NFT Market Update 23rd November 2022

SBF apologized to FTX employees in a internal letter saying he felt “deeply sorry about what happened” but failed to address misappropriation of customer funds.

A new WSJ op-ed from Senator Elizabeth Warren said crypto will ruin the economy comparing it to the 2008 crisis. The Senator wrote that the industry is on a “well-worn path of financial innovation,” which starts with exciting rewards but ends in “crippling losses.”

Notable NFT collector Vincent Van Dough announced the creation of a new digital art gallery featuring artists like Alpha Centauri Kid, Claire Silver, and Dmitri Cherniak. The digital gallery will “work hand in hand with artists ultimately placing works with top patrons.”

Leading Solana NFT Marketplace, Magic Eden, has integrated Polygon as a partner to its multi-chain vision. The platform’s entry into Polygon will include a Launchpad and marketplace, both of which will go live next month.