NFT Market Update 18th November 2022

The Bahamas regulator has confirmed they directed SBF to move assets off the exchange. The regulator said it took these actions to protect the interests of clients and creditors under its jurisdiction.

Uniswap released Universal Router, a tool which allows traders to swap multiple tokens on Uniswap and buy NFTs across different marketplaces, all in one transaction, using a gas-optimized contract.

MetaMask has added NFT price estimation feature to their Dapp, allowing users to see what their NFTs are worth at a glance. Estimates are powered by @NFTbank_ai and claim to provide price estimates with ~90% accuracy.

Coachella’s luxury NFT lifetime passes are in limbo on FTX. After the business auctioned 10 passes for nearly $1.5 million, those who stored their NFTs on the exchange no longer have access to them as a result of the platform’s shuttering.