NFT Market Update 16th November 2022

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is dropping an NFT collection on Binance. The collection will feature iconic moments from his career and include benefits like messages from Ronaldo and autographed merch.

Yuga Labs has begun donating CryptoPunks to modern art museums around the world, starting with Punk #305. This is the first donation in a larger initiative called the Punks Legacy Project, spearheaded by Noah Davis.

Big Short’ author Michael Lewis is working on a book based on Sam Bankman-Fried having spent months with the former CEO. Lewis says, “[The book] is about this really unusual character. You’ll learn all about crypto and you’ll learn about what screwed up market structure in the United States.”

Lucky Trader, the web3 media outlet, has released the LT30 Index, a selection of notable NFT projects, designed to track and represent the overall performance of the NFT market. The tool is free and will help people to understand the growth or contraction of the NFT market.