NFT Market Update 9th November 2022

FTX is on the brink of collapse after facing a liquidity crunch; the company struck a bailout deal with larger rival Binance after a surge in withdrawals caused a “significant liquidity crunch”.

Horizen Labs announced ApeCoin staking update on spaces with ApeCoin DAO member and Horizen team. The space will focus on “what it took to get this beast built and ready for launch”.

Wylie Aronow, co-founder of Yuga Labs joined the royalty conversation, proposing an allowlist solution which enables trading between “normal wallets and specifically allows marketplaces that respect royalties.”

DeGods founder, Frank, considered a DAO vote to move y00ts from Solana to Ethereum. Following the news, Frank deleted his tweets and said, “I forget sometimes the level of impact my fucking tweets have. No decisions will be made today” but dialogue will remain open.