NFT Market Update - 25th October, 2022

Apple updated its App guidelines, stating NFTs are allowed to exist within apps on the App Store—but they can’t unlock additional features or content.

Crypto-friendly Rishi Sunak is the new UK Prime Minister. During his time as finance minister, Sunak unveiled plans to turn the country into an international hub for crypto and in an interview, confirmed he prefers Bored Apes over CryptoPunks.

Robinhood, the financial trading app with 23 million users, added AAVE and Tezos altcoins to the platform.

Yuga Labs co-founder, Wylie Aronow, called on Adidas to take action against Kanye West for his anti-semitic comments. Aronow tweeted, “As a Jewish person, Kanye’s anti-semitic vitriol has been horrifying. I don’t want Yuga involved in anything related to him.”