NFT Market Update - 14th October, 2022

Artist Beeple is building a giant-scale studio in South Carolina to create and share digital artwork. The aim is to bring more awareness to NFTs, bring in new collectors, and move the market past the bear period.

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis used a Pudgy Penguin meme to criticize U.S. monetary policy on Twitter. The Senator, who previously drafted a bipartisan bill, tweeted “[the government] cannot print money infinitely without consequence.”

Japanese gaming giant, Konami, the company behind Metal Gear Solid franchise, Castlevania, is aggressively hiring for web3 positions. The publisher plans to provide NFT trading platform so that users can exchange virtual goods from in-game transactions.

Thanks to Twitter on-chain sleuth, “ZachXBT”, five individuals were charged in France on allegations that they fraudulently acquired $2.5 million worth of Bored Apes and Mutants. French authorities said the investigation had initially been triggered following a grassroots investigation from Twitter user “ZachXBT.”