NFT Market Update - 20th September, 2022

In an unprecedented move involving a civil complaint, the SEC suggested the U.S. government has jurisdiction over all Ethereum transactions, meaning doing business on the Ethereum blockchain, is doing business on a US securities exchange.

Artnet, the largest global platform for fine art, reported The Boom and the Bust: How NFTs Went the Way of Beanie Babies - Have NFTs become the tackiest status symbol? Artnet’s website has over 200M views and 1.9M followers on Twitter.

OpenSea is bolstering its features after the platform debuted ‘SeaDrop’, a tool that allows creators to launch projects on dedicated drop pages with visibility on the OpenSea homepage. The company aims to be “one trusted destination for both minting and future sales and purchases.”

Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and the PGA Tour are teaming up in a new NFT platform deal. PGA Tour x Autograph will launch in 2023, feature “moments” like NBA Top Shot, and earned revenue will be distributed back to the golfers.