NFT Market Update - 16th September, 2022

Yuga Labs welcomed their first Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, aka EverydayZukini. The team has grown from 10 employees in January to 70+ and has plans to exceed 100 full-time employees by the end of the year.

Nice Kicks dropped exclusive images of RTFKT’s x Nike shoe. Leaked images hint at a Nike “Mag”-inspired colorway with the addition of the Swoosh’s signature electronic lacing technology — Adapt.

Founder of DeGods, Frank, returned to Twitter after an eight day hiatus and wrote an article in which he interviews himself “bozo (a Q&A on DeGods, y00ts and Dust Labs) - i ask myself all of the questions u mfers want answers to.”

Fidenza creator Tyler Hobbs and artist Dandelion Wist gave collectors early access to the QQL algorithm. The artists are distributing 999 mint passes; every mint pass gives the right to curate one output from the QQL algorithm and immortalize it as one of the 999 NFTs.