NFT Market Update - 1st August, 2022

Luxury jeweller Tiffany’s announced NFTiffs, a collection of 250 digital passes which can be minted for 30ETH and redeemed by CryptoPunks holders for a custom-designed pendant and digital artwork.

On Friday, Pranksy tweeted at Murat Pak demanding answers about poets, merge, ash etc, given the artist’s silence. Pranksy wrote, “Some news would be nice for those of us who invested heavily.”

OpenSea announced new features allowing multiple creators to receive earnings from a single listing. Projects that want to donate or that have more than one creator can split their fees.

A cybersecurity firm issued warnings over a new phishing campaign targeting MetaMask users. The campaign uses emails to target users and trick them into giving out their seedphrase.

Kevin Rose wrote a ‘hot take’ tweet, writing, “If you’re going to invest in an NFT fund, your best bet is likely joining a DAO”. The tweet was written after Ryan Carson reduced his fund’s entry fees from $72k to $10k per/quarter.