NFT Market Update - 11th July, 2022

A Dune Analytics user tallied the number of top NFTs frozen on OpenSea. ‘Stolen’ apes total $18.5M+ and Azuki, CloneX, and Moonbirds add another $6.9 million to the tally.

CloneX announced a casting call for holders to use their avatar in an upcoming secret project.

A hacker drained 1300ETH from NFT money market platform ‘Omni’. The platform allows users to stake their NFTs, like BAYC, and receive ETH.

Jenkins the Valet shared the final cast for its upcoming book, Bored & Dangerous, written by New York Times best seller Neil Strauss.

A senior engineer at Axie Infinity was duped into applying for a job at a company that, in reality, did not exist and resulted in the loss of $540 million in crypto earlier this year.