NFT Market Update - 9th May, 2022

Instagram announced they would support NFTs from Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow.

Rare Otherdeed without a Koda sold for 625ETH ($1.5M); the land contained a 1 of 1 potion artefact.

An investing group including Kevin Rose purchased all 25 Fire-Tier NFTs for @BIG3_TriState and secured Moonbirds as the sponsor. The season will air later this year on CBS.

Doodles announced Julian Holguin as the new CEO. He will work “alongside the founders to expand IP throughout music, gaming, and entertainment, while deeply integrating culture into the product”.

High-profile hacks on crypto bridges are creating opportunities for exchanges, like FTX and Coinbase, to offer more secure alternatives so users can easily participate in other networks’ financial or gaming apps.