NFT Market Update - 6th May, 2022

Azuki welcomed Rehito Hatoyama, the former CEO of Sanrio US/EU, as an advisor to @ChiruLabs. Ray helped build iconic global brands like Hello Kitty.

Sequoia Capital, Binance, and a16z back Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter.

10ktf unveiled ‘Battle.Town’, a new platform where holders use the project’s items to “participate in Campaigns”. Users equip their avatar with 10KTF items for an unknown mission, set to begin May 8.

ChiruLabs revealed ‘Beanz’, the companion collection to Azuki. Market sentiment was positive, with several Beanz selling in the 30-50eth range.

Hop Protocol, a cross-chain bridge designed to facilitate the quick transfer of tokens between different Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions, airdropped tokens to early adopters.