NFT Market Update 17th March 2023

Arbitrum, the Ethereum layer-2 network with the highest current TVL of any Ethereum L2, announced an airdrop of its governance token which will see users receive 11% of the token supply.

Amidst the continued banking liquidity crisis, Balaji - the prominent technologist and investor - has announced a $1M in Bitcoin competition for those who create the best charts, graphs, and memes to highlight the financial crisis.

Veefriends announced that Veecon 2022 NFT ticket holders will be able to enter an auction for 3 Chromie Squiggle NFTs, with bid size determined by how many Book Games tokens burned.

Chimpers has shipped stage two of its adventure game, where holders can explore a new region and secure new jewels., one of the main Tezos marketplaces, has initiated ETH payments.

LinksDAO, the DAO for golf fans, has entered into an agreement to purchase an IRL golf course in Scotland.