NFT Market Update 6th March 2023

Yugalabs kicked off its auction for Twelvefold, its 300 piece generative art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain, which has received a high bid of 2 BTC ($44,800) so far.

Cryptopunks have started to trade on Blur as Wrapped Cryptopunks at a slight discount to the usual CryptoPunks marketplace.

Yuga Labs filed a trademark for “DON’T DRINK ME” and filed it under the categories of soft drinks, foods and malt beverages and liquors.

Uniswap has introduced a mobile crypto wallet which users can unlock with FaceID, and encrypt their seed phrase on iCloud.

Ethereum developers announced the ERC-4337 token standard, which should enable users to retrieve lost private keys as well as set up two-factor authentication to access a wallet via biometric data.