NFT Market Update 1st March 2023

Sandbox, the virtual gaming world, announced its growth via acquisition of the German game development studio, Sviper.

Pixel Vault announced it will launch its auto-brawler game on Reboot, an open arcade protocol which seeks to disrupt the centralised gaming industry.

Dmitri Cherniak, the artist of Ringers fame, tweeted that he would help to make a QQL, the project by Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion, for someone who has a QQL mintpass.

Zagabond, founder of Azuki, tweeted that Azuki has not raised any VC funding and has no external corporate backing.

$9.2M of user funds has been stolen on the Algorand blockchain from the wallet provider, My Algo, who has urged their users to withdraw funds immediately as they further investigate the cause of the hack.

The Bank of England deputy governor revealed that the country’s central bank’s “keenest attention” was aimed at the regulatory impacts of new payments technology like a central bank digital currency.