NFT Market Update 7th February 2023

Yuga Labs teased the next series of upcoming events in the Trial of Jimmy The Monkey.

Louis Vuitton and world-renowned artist Yayoi Kusama will release their first NFT collaboration, a 10k collection, estimated to be 4eth, with a 7% royalty later this year.

Tessera co-founder (formally Fractional), @andy8052 announced a new platform @escherxyz, a curated marketplace for fine art editions.

Yuga Labs dropped a lawsuit against a developer over his alleged role in conceptual artist Ryder Ripps’ lookalike NFTs that the company claimed infringed its trademarks.

Indie web3 game EtherOrcs halted future development after running into funding challenges.

Reddit announced they teamed up with NFL for a free collectible series which is available to claim.